I never understood myself, could never fully comprehend this being that is me. Before I knew what it was I use to call it the cinderella effect, going to bed brilliantly beautiful, waking up desperate to die. A myriad of emotions,some feeling like a mirage in their fleetingness, others stretch out like a desert in it’s vast painfulness. It is turmoil in high def. technicolour. It was then given a name: bipolar- a tag for me to hang it all on to. The reason I would wake from a coma, suicide nr. I don’t know. One thing I have read has stuck in my heart ‘This, too, shall pass.’ you see I barely remember the times I tried to kill myself or why. What once was the end of the world is now a fading memory. In the middle of the storm there seems to be no end in sight and yet we all know that all things must come to an end. Promise me just this that you will always wait for the sun to rise before making decisions on your life.


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