Living life purposefully present. My Manifesto

I am no less, yet no more than any other being on this earth. That I am equal does not diminish me in any way. That I serve does not take away from me. My strength is the loss of my ego. I only have that which I allow others to have. To love a stranger as my brother and to love my brother as myself. To be amazed by me, yet find mercy in the mastery of myself. To give. On my knees, the only pose that even begins to describe my gratefulness. Grateful not for what I have received,after all, I’ve always had it all,but rather a profound thankfulness that I could give it away.
I am love, divine love, so much love that this human heart can contain it not. It can not deplete for to give in tenfold is to receive in hundredfold…
I am a step up. The betterment of your being. The cheerleader of your success. Your biggest fan. Your greatest love. Your best friend forever ever. Your parental guidance. Your brotherly acceptance.I am friend,lover, cousin, brother, son, colleague, acquaintance, priest, sinner, saint…but above all this… I am, because you are.


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