If I could turn back time.

If I could turn back time.
I would start at the end, not the beginning.
I’ll be old and wise, not young and foolish.
I would learn my lessons, before I make my mistakes
I will be content in just being,not rebel against all that is.
I’ll laugh, just because.
Never cry for spilt milk.
Even old age drool preferable to being cool.
I’ll surround myself with angels not demons.
I’ll stroll, not run.
Compliment, not complain.
Be grateful, not greedy.
Be at peace, not in pieces.
I’ll love with all my heart, not fearing rejection.
Not know failure, have a different measure for success.
No regrets, no what if only what is.
I’ll sing out of tune.
Dance like no ones watching.
I’ll stand in the rain.
I’ll sleep in and stay up late.
I’ll help the tortoise cross the road.
I’ll ask how are you and mean it.
I’ll sit and watch the butterflies, not chase the wind.
I wont just accept, Ill always bargain,
never just what is but also what could be.
I’ll still be me, only old and wiser not young and foolish.


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