Imagine – Allan

Imagine your mothers eyes
her baby
precious infant child
a smile
a twinkle in her eye
joy on her face
her shoulders broad
her back straight
ready for the challenge
acceptance of your dependence filling every void
exceeding every need
her heart content
in the wonder of you
her precious infant child.
Imagine your mothers eyes
filled with joy and sorrow
bitter sweet
my son is seeking
his own retreat
to stand on his own two feet
to test the waters
both clear blue sea
and murky river water
covering mud engulfing

Imagine your mothers eyes
her grown up baby
precious infant child
the quiver of her mouth
a tear in her eye
shoulders hunched
knees bent
chastised by why-
her beloved boy
now must die


as she struggles to remember…


tries to forget…

a black halo crowns your head


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