I started this blog just as a way of releasing the prisoners in my head, tired of solitary confinement: the thoughts in my head started plotting their escape. At first they seemed pacified with doing their little rendezvous on the pages of my diary. That little sojourn soon prove not enough and so my thoughts, ideas, creative spirit demanded of me that I must give to them complete and utter freedom. And so the repasse offered by the pages of my diary was a mere parole. My thoughts seem to put me at a crossroad- it was either go mad or go public. And so a child was born, a boy/girl, and I christianed it heartstrokes101. P.S the father insisted on his surname:


What my blog is all about ?

Blogging has become for me a means of purging my heart and soul. It offers the kind of soul barring amnesty one use to get by opening yourself up to a stranger, someone who you know will never cross your path again. The kind of freedom and wisdom that I thought was at the bottom of a liqueur bottle has now been brought to the fore by blogging and a passion for the written word. This is my journey and nothing would give me greater pleasure than sharing it with you… because I know that I will learn a lot from your comments and advice. And I love you for spending some time with me.